Utility scripts

I’m using Modo for 3D graphics work most of the time. It is a wonderful, feature rich software, and it’s not too hard to make scripts for it.

ExportLayer v2.0: The Python rewrite of the old LUA layer exporter. Some unused features were removed. Compatible with Modo 801 and supports skeletal meshes.


It exports the selected layer to a file, using the the name of the layer as the filename. It will not export the default camera and the default distant light.


Supports “lazy Unreal collision object naming”. This means that instead of the proper “UCX_$ParentMeshName” style names it’s enough to just name the collision hulls as “UCX“, the script will fix it during export. Just make sure that the collisions are children of the main mesh.


ExportLayer v1.4: (Discontinued because it got bloated with outdated features.)

PositionToColor v1.0: The script stores object relative vertex positions as vertex colors.

Baking UI item presets v1.07: A script for storing Baking UI settings in scene items. The idea is to configure bake settings for each item only once, then just bake anytime without the need to manually change settings every time you work with a different item or scene.

ObjectBakeExtender v1.0: This script stores the bake distance in mesh items.

The script is for modo 401 or above.

CameraExtender v1.0: This script stores render parameters in cameras, so each camera can have its own resolution, GI settings and the like.
The script is for modo 401 SP1 or above.

WeightsToColor v1.0: Since Modo lacks vertex painting blending tools it’s often simpler to edit 4 weight maps independently then convert them to vertex color.